Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Awesome Women Series different?

The Awesome Women Series will be the first children’s board books that:
(a) is dedicated to inspiring young girls (between zero to four years old) – one of the most crucial development periods – to be anything they want to be;
(b) will allow young girls to truly connect with the life stories of the featured Female Role Models – with each board book paying tribute to her early life, her challenges, how she overcame them, her achievements and her most impactful quotes;
(c) will donate part of the proceeds to charity; and
(d) will feature a call to action for young girls in each board book.

Are you ready to be Awesome?


What age group are these books suitable for?

These board books are designed for 0 to 4 years of age, but older children and even adults can read and enjoy them as well.


Can I purchase these books if I do not reside in Singapore?

Yes, definitely! We provide international shipping for the board books.


Are there other board books as part of the Awesome Women Series?

Yes! After the Leaders Box Set, we intend to work on the other Box Sets: Activists, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Sportswomen and STEM-ists.

We will also consider other categories such as Mothers, Lawyers and Judges and Chefs. Tell us what categories and who you would like to see in our Series by emailing us at!