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I Am a Masterpiece!

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Tween actress Mia Armstrong celebrates her fun, funny, beautiful childhood living with Down syndrome in this debut picture book.

Mia likes many of the things other people like -- going to the beach, the color blue, drawing. But she doesn't like when strangers stare at her because she looks different from them.

Down syndrome allows Mia to see and understand the world in a way that may not make sense to others. She considers it her superpower--and instead of it making her strange, she considers herself a masterpiece. As we all are.

In this sparkling picture book, Mia offers a glimpse into the life of a child with Down syndrome, helping some readers see themselves in a book and helping others understand those friends, classmates, and family members who are neurodivergent.


Author: Mia Armstrong

Illustrator: Alexandra Thompson

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Age: 4-8
Length: 40 pages
Format: Picture Book
Language: English
ISBN 9780593567975